by Michelle Evans

Updated August 31, 2020

Your natural hair business might be small, but by now, you too are hearing the chants from experts from other niches that to be successful, you must ramp up your content marketing game to attract the right customers. –But what the heck does this content marketing game really mean for you?

Content marketing is the thing that most small and enterprising businesses now leverage as a must-have strategy for marketing their products or services. In the last decade, content marketing has changed the landscape of traditional marketing strategies previously deployed to stay ahead of the competition and make a name for a brand. It is the key to most online marketing campaigns these days and without, you’re pretty much dead in what is now a social media, digital marketing world.

Image Source: Shutterstock/George RudyWhat is Content Marketing?

Depending on who you ask, there are multiple ways various people might try to explain content marketing. Think of it as a strategy that enables you to deliver content or information to your core audience or target market. This content might be educational, informative, or perhaps even entertaining. Your goal in leveraging content marketing is to grab the attention of potential buyers so that they want to know more about who you are and how you might be able to help them.

Content Marketing for Your Natural Hair Business

Deciding to invest in content marketing for your natural hair product line may feel daunting at first. Finding a quality writer who knows natural hair care or even understands the basis of the movement is not out of reach thanks to companies like That’s right; your understanding of how content marketing can benefit your business is vital for success.

Here are five things every natural hair business should know about content marketing.

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Content Marketing is No Longer Just a Corporate Solution

Your company may not be on the scales of a major corporation like Proctor and Gamble, SoftSheen Carson, or Revlon, but if you are not creating content for the company’s website or blog that targets potential consumers or boosts your subscriber list, you are missing out on a significant opportunity for success. Content marketing is an affordable, marketing solution that can help to promote your business on multiple social media platforms. You can establish content marketing campaigns around promos, initiatives, or programs. You can also use content to gather emails for future campaigns and promos.

Keep Your Content Organic

Content marketing is an excellent way to educate potential customers about natural hair care; however, you must remember to keep your content organic. While your content should showcase your product, you want your content to be selfless, educational, and informative.  People want to learn, enjoy reading, or to watch your video, but they do not want to be bombarded with a salesman pitch of information.

For example, if your goal is to sell your anti-frizz shampoo treatment, you want to be delicate in the approach you use to pitch that product. Do not interpret this advice to mean that you should not mention your product at some point in the article, but it does mean that you do not want to appear desperate or sales-driven.

Use Content Marketing to Build Trust

You want your clients to trust that you have their best interest at heart. Content marketing is a fantastic way to build trust and brand awareness among existing and potential clients. Whether you hire an in-house writer, seek an independent contractor, or elect to retain a writer from a content marketing agency like, your primary goal should be to ensure that your content writer understands your vision and is on board to further build trust with the creation of stellar content.

Your content writer is a liaison to your business. They can be a storyteller of your brand and products, and useful content can generate followership and confidence in existing and potential clients.

Good Content Marketing Positions Your Company for Success

Content marketing has a great way of carving out your place in a richly, competitive space. As noted above, content marketing can become the voice of your company and genuinely tell the world who you are and what it is you stand for as a brand. Natural hair consumers love good content that wreaks of quality and content that is not simply functioning as clickbait.

Ever come across an article online that has an eye-catching header only to find that when you click on the link and read the article, it doesn’t deliver on anything you read in the header? Good content is quality content. It is not just content that is overly laden with keywords or key phrases designed to help you rank on Google or other search engines. Your content is that which addresses a particular need within your target audience.

Monitor the Results of Your Content Strategy

Just because you post it, does not mean they will come. Whether you decide to create content internally or hire externally, make sure you take the time to check for results. Did your article resonate with your clientele? You should make time every month to determine if the content you are publishing is yielding results including drawing traffic to your business blog or website, gaining shares, generating comments, or leads.  According to Larry Kim at, one of the key areas you want to monitor is performance. Here you are looking to see page views, unique visitors, duration of time on your site, content downloads, shares, retweets, and several other areas that demonstrate that folks want to read what it is you have to say.

In summary, you should think of content marketing as being fine art. The Content Marketing Institute describes it as the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. Instead of promoting services or products, you are providing information that educates your buyer, thus building their intelligence (Content Marketing Institute, 2015).  Your ability to educate your potential consumers will help to create trust and brand recognition as an expert in the industry. Take steps to ensure your content is relevant and of the highest quality.

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