by Michelle Evans

Updated October 5, 2021

How are you using content marketing and storytelling to sell your brand? Are you using storytelling to catapult your brand to the top? Employing an Article Writing Services Team does not mean sticking with the same old formula for content marketing success. You should also hire a blog writer to create fabulous content that tells a story.

Storytelling as a content marketing practice can be a powerful tool that takes the story of a real human and uses it to interweave all the ways your product might prove beneficial for potential buyers. Think about some of your favorite YouTube Videos. Which videos grab your attention? Is it the one in which the brand or owner talks about all the fabulous things it can do for you or is it the testimonial that tells a story and indirectly ties it back to the service or goods as the solution?

What is Storytelling in Content Marketing?

Storytelling in content marketing allows you to give real meaning to your product. Think of it as the thing that keeps your readers interested in the blog and constructs a narrative that your followers and potential buyers can latch onto and remember. It generates a necessary emotional connection.

Storytelling in content marketing keeps things interesting. You have characters, a plot, which features a crisis or a conflict, and, hopefully, your product or service as a solution.

It’s easy to lose sight of the opportunities for storytelling. Unless you have a designated space on your content calendar each month to feature a story as a part of your content marketing strategy, it is unlikely that you are incorporating storytelling into your efforts to entice new clients.

The world around us is always in motion, and as sellers of a service or product, we would prefer to just tell people to buy our products. Who has time to woo consumers? Unfortunately, that is not how the world functions these days. Your potential buyer may spend weeks or months lurking in the shadows, studying your reviews, and weighing whether to trust you with any piece of their personal or business budget.

Storytelling, as a facet of content marketing, brings yet another alternative to drawing attention to what it is that you can do for others.

What’s the Solution?

Imagine you are an online wig and hair extension line, owner. Your primary goal is to sell hair. However, you know that being too “Salesy” is not the key to earning followers or gaining buyers. You understand the importance of not creating content that solely focuses on selling the wig. Instead, you want to take a story from a client or even pick a current event to demonstrate why your product is the solution to a temporary or permanent problem.

Tip: Good content tells the potential buyer how it is your goods can help them to solve a problem.

You could take the route that one of my clients took to attract new buyers. One of our clients, we’ll call her “Sue,” recently decided to create content about how her wig and hair extension line can offer alternatives to women who were unable to access their hairstylist because of the pandemic. Brilliant! Sue tapped into a real problem affecting her target audience. How many women were sealed off from their favorite stylist or hair salon during the health crisis due to shutdowns or being a high-risk member of everyday society? The short answer is –thousands, if not millions!    

Sue has multiple blogs about how wigs and hair extensions offer versatility and amazing styling solutions. However, she does not have a blog that tells a story about how her hair line provides answers to a problem that her target audience perceives to be real.        

Tip: Storytelling establishes rapport, builds trust, and creates relationships.

Sue can tell a story about a real or perceived persona who is now working from home and spends hours on a Webcam. She might create a scenario in which the potential consumer previously spent her Saturday mornings at the salon. However, due to personal health reasons, she has elected to not go to the salon as a result of the pandemic and now must wear wigs to compensate for this temporary lifestyle change.

Your hair product line can become the solution that saves the day, sparing this woman from webcam humiliation. It is up to you to tell the story. Storytelling is opening the door to creating a personal relationship with potential and existing clients. That woman, who is struggling to manage her current hair crisis, may turn to your site for the solution –but not in the way you think.

Tip: Storytelling adds a human factor to your content and brand.

Sue’s character in the story is relatable for consumers.  Professional women who have left the office and are now working from home on camera still desire to retain a look that allows them to maintain what their individual definition is of “professionalism.” For many women, their hair is a critical element of professional appearance. If they are not able to sustain their desired level of physical presence, there is some risk, at least in the character’s mind in this story, that they may lose a degree of professionalism.

This story has multiple elements that align with Cathy Yardley’s GMCDs Method (as seen on highlights that may grab the attention of potential buyers, which includes:

  • Goal – What does your point-of-view character in the scene want to achieve or attain? In other words, what is the scene’s object of desire?
  • Motivation – Why does your character want to achieve that goal, and why is it important?
  • Conflict – What is standing in the way of your character’s achieving their goal?
  • Disaster – What is the result of the scene’s conflict? Yardley outlines three possible options:

Tip: Storytelling should separate you from the competitor.

In today’s content marketing world, blogs on wig and hair extension sites serve as free education for the consumer. They not only help to create brand recognition, but people use the information you are putting out into the blogosphere to gain insight and education. Storytelling can take your content marketing efforts to the next level and attract those people who are lurking out there on the fence about purchasing your services or goods.

Are you ready to get started with your next story? Hiring a content writer who specializes in content marketing and storytelling can help you to get well on your way!

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