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November 2, 2021 l by Michelle Evans

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December hashtags can open the door to the traffic, visibility, and brand awareness you seek via social media. It is a month that coincides with what we know to be one of the peak seasons of spending. Each platform has a set of recommendations for the number of hashtags you use with your posts. Ultimately, you want to use a hashtag that generates a connection between your posts and your brand.

Experts recommend that you take a crafty hashtag approach. Be purposeful. Monitor for best practices within your brand. Use this information to establish the number of hashtags you use. Use the results of these hashtags to lay the groundwork for future posts.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use with Posts on Social Media?

The number of hashtags you use may vary between platforms.

Expert Recommendations

Social Media PlatformRecommended Number of Hashtags
*Your actual number of hashtags may vary based on your results.

It is up to you to find the hashtag sweet-spot for your content. The number of hashtags you use for your business may differ from a competitor or another industry. Give yourself permission to peek at the competition. This effort will help you to get a sense of what is working for them. Your goal should be to craft a model that works best for your business model and your audience. You are not in the business of stealing other people’s work.

What Hashtags Should I Use?

You want to choose hashtags that are trending. However, you want to avoid hashtags so popular. Your posts will get lost among millions of other posts. If you have any campaigns planned for December, significant sales events, or contests, the best practice is to use hashtags that align with your plans.

December Hashtags

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You can schedule content with relevant hashtags that coincide with special observances. Below are a few special observances and dates to help you get started with your planning.

December Health Observances

Health observances in December include:

  • National Safe Toys and Gifts Month
  • Season Depression Awareness Month (#seasonalaffectivedisorder or #sad)
  • World AIDS Day -December 1 (#WorldAIDSDay)
  • National Handwashing Awareness Week -December 1-7 (#handwashingawarenessweek)
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities -December 3 (#internationaldayofpersonswithdisabilities)
  • National Influenza Vaccination Week -December 6-12 (#nationalinfluenzavaccinationweek)

National Days

A few other notable national days of interest include:

  • National Eat a Red Apple Day – December 1 (#eataredappleday)
  • Rosa Parks Day -December 1 (#rosaparksday)
  • Make A Gift Day -December 3 (#makeagiftday)
  • Bathtub Party Day -December 5 (#bathtubpartyday)
  • Christmas Card Day -December 9 (#christmascardday)
  • Human Rights Day – December 10 (#humanrightsday)
  • Super Saturday -December 18 (#supersaturday)
  • First Day of Winter -December 21 (#wintersolstice)
  • Christmas -December 25 (#christmasday or #merrychristmas)
  • Kwanzaa -December 26 thru January 1
  • New Years Eve -December 31 (#nye)

Good luck with your hashtag efforts this month! If you liked this article, please share it with others today!

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