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by Michelle Evans

Updated October 4, 2021

Congratulations on your decision to hire a writer. You finally decided to take the leap with an Article Writing Services team for your blog or website and just placed an order with SpeaksMedia.com or some other freelance writing vendor and now comes the hard part –articulating the need to your writer. As you are navigating through the process of filling out your order form you start to ponder the significance of all of the questions your agency has about your order. Why are there so many questions?

Here are five reasons your writer has questions.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content strategy is a critical element for content development. Your content project requires writers to establish a high-level plan that will allow us to create material that meets your business, blog, or website’s needs. The questions that your writer is asking should not be viewed as an arbitrary request for information. Writers use the information you provide to build upon as a foundation for your overall content strategy.

A component of a writer’s strategy in creating content that meets your needs often includes reviewing your existing content. For example, your writer may ask for your website or access to your current blog so that he/she can get a sense of your current tone of voice, who your target audience might be. They compare this information with what you are requesting to evaluate consistency but to also determine how it may compare to your competitors.

Your competitor’s information can help a writer to know what attracts the audience you are seeking and what may not work so well for your brand.

Content Writers Love Accuracy

Next, by asking you to answer a few questions upfront, your writer can ensure they start out on a path towards achieving content accuracy. Writers want to deliver a final product that is not only entertaining but accurate in the eyes of you the buyer and your audience who may be using the content to increase their knowledge or to make a difficult decision as it relates to trusting you or your brand. Writers spend a fair amount of time researching data and curating content and ultimately, they want to ensure that the words they draft are meaningful, relevant, and valid.

Content Writers Have to Conduct Research

Speaking of research, the thing many buyers underestimate or do not always consider is happening behind the scenes is the amount of time that goes into thoroughly reviewing online databases, news sources, or libraries to gain access to the best information to craft the perfect piece. Whether the article is 300-words or 5,000 words, writers have to find credible sources to support their work.  While they may have a background in the subject matter or niche, it is highly probable that they must still conduct a degree of research. There are always industry changes or movements underway and a good writer knows the impact that innovative content can deliver.

Also, your writer has to spend time identifying keywords and phrases. They must create content that will align with the latest algorithm to generate traffic to your website.

Content Writers Want to Know the Buyer Persona/Target Audience

Your writer wants to understand who your readers or consumers are a.k.a buyer persona. They are seeking to identify the behavior patterns, demographics, motivations, and goals of your audience. So with that in mind, slow down and thoroughly explain who your buyer persona is. If you do not know, invest some time to define it.

What is the Objective of the Content?

Finally, the writer you hire is invested in crafting or validating the objectives of your content. What is your goal? What problem are you trying to solve for your audience? Remember that your content should not be something that you create just for kicks, and it cannot be too sales-laden if you are trying to pitch a product. It has to be content that is relevant and will help your followers or potential customers.

These are just a few tips to help you understand why your writer has so many dang questions. Your decision to hire a writer is a good one. Remember to slow down, and take the process seriously. Take an active role in the writing preparation process. You will appreciate the result.

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