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by Michelle Evans

November 2, 2021

Planning to hire a writer to promote brand awareness for your business or blog? Congratulations. Hiring a writer is a big step. This person will become the voice of your business. Before you strike a deal, there are a few things you should come to the table ready to pitch to your writer.

Hiring a Natural Hair Blogger

Communicate Your Vision

Some business owners underestimate the importance of having a vision. Your vision for your company is not just a few words that you strung together for the sake of having a business.  It is a statement that sums up what the main objective is of your product or service. Writers love it when business owners can convey how their business will benefit others.

They can use this information as a key ingredient to design content that meets your business needs and overall content marketing strategy.

Who is Your Target Audience?

Be prepared to describe your target audience/buyer to the writer. More than likely, you have a buyer persona in mind. Who are your trying to reach with your content? Are they younger, middle-age, older adults? Are they college graduates? Does it matter what they do for a living? Are they based in a specific part of the country or are they located all over the world? What need are you trying to fulfill? Are you trying to appeal to a specific gender or does gender not matter?

Envision this person, then put it into words for your writer.

Know Your Business. Know Your Brand

This next tip may seem to state the obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of people who cannot effectively communicate what the objective of their business. Remember the suggestion --know your buyer persona? Know the problem you are solving for your potential followers and buyers? Your writer will probably ask you a series of questions about your business and what goals you have for the articles or other pieces of content you are asking them to create.

While it is understandable that you might want to pick their brain for ideas or tips for articles that might benefit your business and generate followers, you too should also think about the story you want your brand to communicate.

Thus, while your writer might help you to tell the story of your brand, they should not necessarily be the sole author of your brand.

What Products to Feature in Your Content

A lot of small business owners will suggest that writers peruse their site and suggest they select the product (s) to feature in the story. You should want to have an active voice in selecting products to feature. Do you have an upcoming campaign or sale that feature a specific set of products? If yes, tell the writer. He or she can zero in on those particular products and create articles that provide a narrative for potential buyers about the problem your product will solve while simultaneously promoting your merchandise or services.

If you need help with planning a campaign, definitely take steps to seek their help in coming up with a campaign or content marketing strategy for promoting your products.

Recognize that Capturing Your Voice May Take Time

Capturing your authentic voice may take some time. However, if you like elements about your writer's style and their ability to capture the essence of your voice, brand, and content marketing strategy, you will want to keep them on your payroll. Most writers want to do a good job, but they will need your help to convey the message in a way that meets your and the customer's needs.