by Michelle Evans

Updated May 2020

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What are blogs talking about this year in the way of natural hair care trends this Spring? Natural hair care blogs and product manufacturers will be delivering a ton of information this year about the following topics

  • Natural hairstyles for Spring
  • Natural hair care tips for Spring
  • Best natural hair products for Spring and Summer
  • Hair color options for natural hair
  • Hair washing frequency during Spring and Summer

Spring is the time of year in which fashion and beauty take center stage as it is representative of new beginnings. Trends in natural hair care practices tend to shift with the new season. Product consumers and blog readers alike are thirsty for information about best practices and modern styles or statements they should adopt or can quickly replicate in their day to day life.

Natural Hairstyles for Spring

Naturalistas are ready to try new natural hairstyles that are conducive to the rising temperatures of the Spring season. Many parts of the country are rainy during this time of year, so your blog content will need to provide hairstyles that are climate-friendly and capable of withstanding sprinkles, mists and rain downpours.

Natural Hair Care Tips for Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer can be a challenging time in hair care practices for many naturalistas. Not only do they have to contend with swings in the temperature, but their hair becomes more susceptible to attracting dirt, debris, and product buildup.

If you currently sell natural hair care products that can help with this dilemma, your blog content should focus on natural hair care tips and those products within your inventory that can give your followers and potential clients a resolution.

Best Natural Hair Care Products for the Spring

If you are a business owner of natural hair care products, your content should target potential clients who might benefit from what it is you are selling –whether for styling reasons or natural hair care needs. If your product helps to repair natural hair that is suffering from winter damage, your content should talk about the ingredients in the products that can reverse the damage and restore moisture.

Hair Color Options for Spring

Springtime brings the thirst for hair color changes within and outside of the natural hair community.  Hues of red and blonde color are especially popular during this time, and naturalistas will need some help choosing the best product for coloring their hair and later, they will need information about how to care for natural hair that has color. Your content should focus on each these things whether you are selling a product that can help naturalistas maintain healthy natural hair or a natural hair blogger seeking to educate your followers.

How Often Should I Wash My Natural Hair?

The frequency in which this question comes up is more often than not. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall –every naturalista wants to know more about how often she should wash her hair. Spring and summer blogs should spend time discussing the importance of keeping the scalp clean. Oil, dirt, and sweat can clog pores and affect the rate at which natural hair grows significantly. Your blog should focus on helping readers better understand how to keep their scalp clean but rich with moisture.

Hiring a Natural Hair Blogger

This blog probably has you thinking about the potential topics you might feature on your blog this Spring but finding the time to put together a series of stellar blogs may leave you feeling overwhelmed. You can hire a writer. Outsourcing your blog writing needs is a fantastic way to educate your followers and potential clients while also shining the spotlight on the products and services you have to offer that might benefit them.

Hiring a writer does not have to be a costly experience. Your writer will take the time to ask you a few questions about your goal/objective surrounding the content and go forth to create articles to support your brand.

Writing services like have writers who can create content that captures your voice and deliver your article(s) within a very short window of time depending on the depth of your content needs, sparing you the time it might take to create SEO content.

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